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Granosite Texture Coatings

Granosite Texture Coating SydneyGranosite was formed in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs more than 60 Years ago and is one of the advanced and Leaders in the Market of Texture coating and Paint and Coatings Manufacturer, Use Granosite products to Coat the walls in order to provide amazing and attractive appearances and ensure optimum, long lasting texture performance, granosite texture coating Sydney includes the wide concept of coating that can be applied on fibre cement sheet FSC, masonry and cementitious substances, Autoclaved Aerated concrete, expanded polystyrene Panels. The major reason of an immense popularity of the Granosite render is that these products largely used with water-based acrylics that not only offers safe and strong building but also suits under varied environment and infrastructure. These Granosite coating render can be applied on all types of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Granosite with acrylic texture provides an extreme style of coating and painting trends that amaze your building with wonder appearances. Render Set and Texture bring you with texture and coating services while using the granosite products. With the variety of Substrates this granosite render provides an excellent and high level of resistance. Besides these, it can easily bridge over cracks and is ideal for use on Sea side Buildings that require a complete resistance against sandy air and salt spray.

Here, Render Set and Texture provides the complete solutions over the cement rendering and texture segments where our experts and professionals offer you with quality services under the same. Our services includes the below mentioned features:

  • 30 years of worthy experience while handling all types of texture and coating services.
  • Offer complete services in renovation of buildings while using Granosite products.
  • Offer wide coating and painting services for all types of commercial, residential and multi-purpose buildings.
  • Implementation of high technology while processing with coating ad texture