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Brick Fretting:

Fretting is caused by Salt attacking the brickwork, with rain water helping the salt migration through the brickwork trapping the salt within the brick causing it to crumble and fall away including the mortar joints, Seaside areas are prone to this condition, correct procedure to fix this kind of problem is to remove the affected brickwork and replaced with new bricks, Cement rendering over fretted brickwork can also attack and further contaminate the cement render, water blasting the area prior to Cement rendering doesn’t help remove the salt trapped within the brick either, there’s various chemical methods in treating brick fretting attack within a building but those are very expensive for the average home owner, cement rendering with a liquid additive in the mix to Improve the quality of render mix after replacing the affected brickwork is the cheapest solution as matching the brick and the colour of the mortar joint is very hard to do, Painting the cement render with a high build paint coating such as a Membrane System will further protect the cement render.


Concrete Spalling:

Also known as concrete or steel cancer usually occurs when moisture enters the substrate and rusts the steel inside the concrete causes it’s rust to expand its volume by several times and causing the concrete to expand and crack, other causes can cause concrete spalling such as incorrect steel placement at the time of construction and poor building standards followed by tradesmen.


Steel Lintels:

Lintels lay horizontally above door and window openings or where any other opening needs to have the bricks above supported or to carry the weight above, the steel lintel rusts over time when moisture attacks the steel causing it to rust and expand and causing the surface above to crack and also cause structural damage, correct treatment to severe rusted lintels is almost impossible and they are better be removed and replaced with a Galvanized steel , concrete or brick lintel, this is a job that requires expertise and careful procedure.