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Products We Use

  • GranoSkin Decorative Membrane is a single-pack high performance colored elastomeric acrylic coating for Painting applications. GranoSkin is for painting surfaces where effective Painting, as well as a decorative, Waterproof or heat-reflective finish is required. It’s also deal for Painting single-skin concrete or brick walls, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), Fiber Cement Sheet, Cement render and for application over cracked masonry and concrete surfaces. GranoSkin Decorative membrane is the Proffered topcoat for Granosite Texture systems requiring extra waterproofing, Elasticity and added Flexibility  protection, has the ability to Bridge over cracks up to 1mm wide

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  • GranoTrowl is a durable, high-build acrylic texture coating system. It’s trowel-on to produce, Travertine, Circular, or Spanish styles in 2mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, and usually is over coated by GranoImpact or GranoSkin Decorative Membrane or GranoCote. GranoTrowl is used to decorate, restore and protect commercial buildings, resorts, high-rise buildings, homes and offices. It is applied to interior and exterior walls, ceilings, balustrades, beams, columns, partitions and infill panels, in entrances, foyers, lobbies, corridors, halls, rooms and work areas

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  • Granosite Ready Render is a high performance pre-mixed polymer render allowing quick and easy thin section rendering. Can be used to apply a Thin Render coating to Harditex, and Concrete areas

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  • Lightweight Polystyrene cladding System with full BRAC compliance

    What is Orange Board?

    The Orange board system comprises an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) base board enveloped in a Polymer Modified Render and a Layer of fiberglass reinforced Mesh
    The Rendered surface is then Primed and Coated with a decorative Texture coat System; the resulting product possesses excellent durability, impact resistance, weather resistance and Insulation properties,

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  • DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On Tuscany Coarse is a high build acrylic based coating, formulated on 100% pure acrylic emulsions, inert mineral fillers, graded aggregates, fungicides and colour stable pigments.

    Features Benefits
    7 year warranty
    Tough Water based Fully Acrylic
    DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel On Tuscany Coarse can be applied to any sound masonry substrate, or any Acrylic Rendered Surfaces including Concrete, it has been carefully formulated
    to produce a tough, water resistant fine trowel rendered appearance. The cured coating has a mottled aged rendered patina
    It is ideally suited for New Homes or  the renovation  for a traditional natural “render look” a new structure of either contemporary or traditional architectural style. Technically, DULUX AcraTex 951 Trowel on Tuscany Coarse will not develop surface cracks and is virtually maintenance free. Excellent resistance to, Weather, cracking, flaking and chalking, Resists salt spray
    Part of the full AcraTex system

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  • The Unitex Base Board™ system, part of the Uni-EIFS™ range, is a low build insulation cladding system made locally at the Unitex® manufacturing facility by applying a specially formulated polymer render coating and reinforced AR/FG Mesh to EPS panels.Changing methods of traditional building using fired bricks and concrete blocks, in the age of government mandated energy rating systems, is shown to be inefficient, especially when considering a building’s R-value and energy saving over time.Used in the construction industry to insulate, protect and decorate the exterior of a building structure, the Uni-Base Board system is the most technologically advanced method of insulating your project.Regardless of the building’s age or wall composition, almost any type of structure can be insulated without losing interior floor space. Uni-Base Board is lightweight, rainproof and yet water vapour permeable to prevent condensation problems. The lightweight wall cladding system is highly energy efficient and provides a virtually maintenance-free exterior when installed correctly.

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  • Acrylic Modified Masonry Renders are pre-bonded, polymer modified cement based render which requires only the addition of clean water. All RSA Masonry Renders contain a unique powdered bonding agent (glue) to work with the binding power of the cement, (ie: a ‘dual binding system’), which ultimately:-

    Speeds up and simplifies the on-site mixing process;
    Increases adhesion to all suitable, properly prepared substrates;
    Guarantees the correct amount of bond every time – whether applied by hand or machine.
    Provides the same quality, integrity and longevity, is applied by hand or machine.

    Acrylic Modified Masonry Renders are suitable for interior and exterior use, providing an excellent surface for the application of Acrylic textures and paints.

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  • Render Systems Australia is based at South East Queensland and is a supplier of pre-formulated Renders Texture Coatings and Polystyrene Cladding Systems

  • Acrylic” or Elastomeric Wall Coatings are water based paints that contain “Acrylic” as the film forming binder ingredient. “Acrylic” is non-yellowing, is more stable to U.V much thicker film than common paints and provides a durable and waterproof finish, They are flexible able to bridge over cracks up to 1mm wide, specially designed to paint over Texture Coat Systems, All are Water clean up
    Acrylic or Elastomeric Paints we use are:
    AcraSkin 969
    AcraTex Elastomeric 968
    Rockcote Armour
    Energy Star Cooling
    Dulux WeatherShield

  • Sydney Based Supplier of Render Texture and Polystyrene Systems

  • QLD Based Manufacturer of Rendering and Acrylic Texture coat Systems

  • Hebel Light weight Panels is where a Fire Resistant wall Cladding System is Required to deliver all the benefits of Masonry Construction

  • The Harditex System is an External compressed fibro and was developed to allow for a lightweight construction walls either for a Top Storey Additions or anywhere when constructing light weight walls are required, common sizes available 3000,2725.2400x1200and x 900 and are 7.5mm in thickness, Harditex Base sheets can be fixe to Timber or Metal Stud walls the walls so they can be Rendered using an Acrylic Modified render or a Polymer render and Textured using a coloured Coating System, after the joints are prepared with the recommended manufacturers Procedure

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  • Acrylic Texture coatings need to be applied to a prepared Flat even surface either being of Cement Render, Concrete, Blueboard,Rendered Polystyrene Panels Plasterboard and Hebel AAC to provide an attractive Architectural decorative surface finish. Textures are typically 1mm to 2mm in thickness and finished with a plastic or polystyrene float, or can be Rolled on, a Stainless Steel Trowl can also be used depending on the type of  Textured Finish you want to Achieve, Composed Mainly of Acrylic emulsions, graded fillers and Marble or Sand aggregates
    Acrylic Texture Coatings ending up to be a tough hard wearing surface able to withstand all weather conditions and provide many  years of maintenance free service
    Flexible crack resistant
    Alkali resistant
    Water resistant
    Salt Protection
    Dirt Resistant
    Enhanced toughness
    Excellent adhesion
    Long lasting colour
    Mould and fungus resistant
    Fade resistant
    Wide variety of textures