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Cement Render

There are numerous reasons why people prefer to get their walls daubed by using high quality cement renders in Sydney. Two of the most prominent ones are; to make their walls aesthetically stunning and to protect their walls from the adverse effects of rainwater penetration and weathering. In simpler terms, cement rendering is a technique in which cement render mix is used to plaster the surface of concrete, blocks or the surface of bricks to make walls weatherproof along with providing them with a decorative effect.

Cement Renderer Sydney

We as a brand of cement render sydney  Also bring you a wide range of services in texture coating and painting in order to decorate your exterior and interior walls. Render Set & Textures comprised of well versed team of cement render professionals and texture experts who can transform any type of commercial and residential building to new fashionable looks

To convert your building into fashionable and with Weather  resistance qualities then you can contact to Render Set and Texture in Sydney Australia to avail the best services in cement rendering, coating, plastering and many more segments to turn your building attractive and modern looks.

If you look at the options provided by any cement renderer in Sydney, you will quickly realize that homeowners as well as business owners have a range of choices in cement render mix. Normally, people prefer cement render mix made up of cement, hydrated lime, aggregates of sand, water and clay. Additionally, you can get cement renders that are pre-colored so that you can add as much style and visual appeal as the weatherproof effect.

Render Set & Textures – Leading cement renderers in Sydney

At Render Set & Textures, we offer you the widest range of cement rendering services available anywhere in Australia. With an outstanding experience of nearly 30 years, we exactly understand the requirements of residents and businesses in Sydney, and that’s precisely the reason why we can offer you the best quality cement renders in Sydney at affordable prices. Get in touch with us right now. Call us at 0407 211 771, contact us by email at or through the contact form.


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